Art in the street | Arte na rua (Updated 1)

Art on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.

Arte nas ruas de Estocolmo, Suécia.

Alexander Calder. 1898-1976. USA.
Niki De Saint Phalle. 1930-2002. France.
Jean Tinguely. 1925-1991. Switzerland.

Moderna Museet.

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Anonymous said...

This work is by artists Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely only. Alexander Calder did NOT collaborate. Niki de Saint Phalle was born in 1930 and passed away in 2002, if you want to add the information for factual correctness.
You may not use these images for commercial use, as the artist retained the moral rights.
Otherwise, it's beautiful to the these scultures in such good shape, considering they were made in 1967 and have mainly been displayed outside for fans to enjoy...
Thank you for sharing....